What is Our Vision?

At the forefront is our students. We want to guide our students through an academic path which will allow them to find their own amazing. To do this means offering an array of original, authentic experiences that will further develop their passion for learning. Beyond the individualized research, we strive to develop your child’s confidence and skill set to seek out opportunities and engage with mentors, professors and professionals in order to further their postsecondary careers and avocations.

“Our Vision” is to see your child thrive well beyond Thousand Oaks High School as they develop the foundational knowledge and tools to do so while in The Center.

Now more than ever is the time to “Share Our Vision.” Now is the time to look forward to the possibilities and opportunities which exist for our students. In this tumultuous year, we have still worked diligently to provide your student with an experience and education that will open those possibilities and opportunities beyond Thousand Oaks High School. Even so, we want to do more. We want to continue to bring in the best research experiences by adding equipment and personnel vital to their experience. Equipment like a digital anatomy table from Anatomage. Personnel such as paid mentors, academic coaches and strengthening our ties with our private college adviser, Mrs. Lisa Chow.

“Our Vision” includes ensuring we are at the forefront of providing the equipment and knowledge which will help your child succeed.

Come and “Share Our Vision.” We are completely behind your child. Will you be behind our efforts to make The Center even better?

Join us for our inaugural fundraiser and consider asking others to be behind our efforts as well: grandparents, other family members, friends and colleagues. It takes a village!